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Atlassian - Get all permission schemes

Returns all permission schemes. ### About permission schemes and grants A permission scheme is a collection of permission grants. A permission grant consists of a `holder` and a `permission`. #### Holder The `holder` object contains information about the user or group being granted the permission. For example, the _Administer projects_ permission is granted to a group named _Teams in space administrators_. In this case, the type is `"type": "group"`, and the parameter is the group name, `"parameter": "Teams in space administrators"`. The `holder` object is defined by the following properties: * `type` Identifies the user or group (see the list of types below). * `parameter` The value of this property depends on the `type`. For example, if the `type` is a group, then you need to specify the group name. The following `types` are available. The expected values for the `parameter` are given in parenthesis (some `types` may not have a `parameter`): * `anyone` Grant for anonymous users. * `applicationRole` Grant for users with access to the specified application (application name). See [Manage application access](https://confluence.atlassian.com/cloud/manage-application-access-744721629.html) for more information. * `assignee` Grant for the user currently assigned to an issue. * `group` Grant for the specified group (group name). * `groupCustomField` Grant for a user in the group selected in the specified custom field (custom field ID). * `projectLead` Grant for a project lead. * `projectRole` Grant for the specified project role (project role ID). * `reporter` Grant for the user who reported the issue. * `sd.customer.portal.only` Jira Service Desk only. Grants customers permission to access the customer portal but not Jira. See [Customizing Jira Service Desk permissions](https://confluence.atlassian.com/x/24dKLg) for more information. * `user` Grant for the specified user (user ID). * `userCustomField` Grant for a user selected in the specified custom field (custom field ID). #### Permissions The [built-in Jira permissions](https://confluence.atlassian.com/x/yodKLg) are listed below. Apps can also define custom permissions. See the [project permission](https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/modules/project-permission/) and [global permission](https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/modules/global-permission/) module documentation for more information. **Project permissions** * `ADMINISTER_PROJECTS` * `BROWSE_PROJECTS` * `MANAGE_SPRINTS_PERMISSION` (Jira Software only) * `SERVICEDESK_AGENT` (Jira Service Desk only) * `VIEW_DEV_TOOLS` (Jira Software only) * `VIEW_READONLY_WORKFLOW` **Issue permissions** * `ASSIGNABLE_USER` * `ASSIGN_ISSUES` * `CLOSE_ISSUES` * `CREATE_ISSUES` * `DELETE_ISSUES` * `EDIT_ISSUES` * `LINK_ISSUES` * `MODIFY_REPORTER` * `MOVE_ISSUES` * `RESOLVE_ISSUES` * `SCHEDULE_ISSUES` * `SET_ISSUE_SECURITY` * `TRANSITION_ISSUES` **Voters and watchers permissions** * `MANAGE_WATCHERS` * `VIEW_VOTERS_AND_WATCHERS` **Comments permissions** * `ADD_COMMENTS` * `DELETE_ALL_COMMENTS` * `DELETE_OWN_COMMENTS` * `EDIT_ALL_COMMENTS` * `EDIT_OWN_COMMENTS` **Attachments permissions** * `CREATE_ATTACHMENTS` * `DELETE_ALL_ATTACHMENTS` * `DELETE_OWN_ATTACHMENTS` **Time tracking permissions** * `DELETE_ALL_WORKLOGS` * `DELETE_OWN_WORKLOGS` * `EDIT_ALL_WORKLOGS` * `EDIT_OWN_WORKLOGS` * `WORK_ON_ISSUES` **[Permissions](https://confluence.atlassian.com/x/FQiiLQ) required:** Permission to log in to Jira.

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